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Welcome to Ignite and congratulations on your pregnancy. This is a new chapter in your life where you will explore transformation from within on a physical and emotional level and begin your sacred family life.

I like to simply refer to pregnancy as a time to get to know yourself better, deepen the connection to your body and dive into the school of pregnancy, motherhood and most importantly, yourself.  Six months to develop a wisdom with your body, birth, breastfeeding and parenthood and tuning in to set these standards and boundaries that will begin to form and create your own personal rhythm.

By preparing with education, tools and emotional support, you allow space to learn and unfold in a gentle way rather than trying to cram it all in at the end when birth is drawing closer and you feel the overwhelming reality that it’s not too far away.

Birth is about experiencing a deep connection to yourself and your chosen birth partner during pregnancy and bringing forth your child into that space.

No two births are alike and we must understand that it doesn’t go to plan; we cannot force nor speed it up. My purpose is to teach the difference between receiving your baby in love with tools to trust in yourselves with calm and stillness.

Birth is truly a transformation from within.

Kimberly Adelaide xoxo

Ignite's Mission

Ignite connection, calm and confidence during pregnancy and flowing through to parenthood.

To help parents to feel empowered safe and supported.

To begin the bonding process earlier on and honour the sacredness of birth and celebrate the day
with joy and excitement to meet your baby for the first time.

Kimberly Adelaide

Childbirth Educator

Services & Workshops


The Birth Course – A two-day independent childbirth antenatal course made up of theory with interactive sessions and practical components preparing you for labour.

Belly Balance: A combination of birth preparation, long slow relaxation stretching and fear release meditation. A space of support and connection between women and an open forum to discuss all feelings that come with pregnancy. 

Birth Rehearsal: Private home visits to those who have attended the birth course with Ignite Your Glow and wish to revise or add in another practise run before the day of birth. 

Pregnancy Massage

Regular massage can help support and nurture you and your baby through challenging trimester. Assist your body to reduce swelling and fluid retention, lower back pain, reduce headaches, anxiety, insomnia and stress. Allow Kimberly, a qualified therapist to create a space of settlement and calm for you to re-connect.
Nurture package
Want to consistently make space for you and your changing body. This package enable you to bundle a six week massage package and receive a discounted rate.

Other Courses

Ignite has partnered with wonderful practitioners to provide extra support and care pre and post-pregnancy with  workshops to choose from such as:

  • Birth Information Evenings
  • Breastfeeding Course with a qualified lactation consultant and midwife
  • Possums Gentle Slumber Program for little ones
  • Baby First Aid Course

Effects of Hypnobirthing...

Women described their feelings about hypnosis during labour as: a sense of relief and consolation, self-confidence, satisfaction, lack of suffering labour pain, changing the feeling of pain into one of pressure, a decrease in fear of natural childbirth, lack of tiredness, and lack of anxiety. They expressed increased concentration on the uterus and cervical muscle, awareness of all the stages of labour, and having ‘positive thoughts’.  Births were perceived as being very satisfactory compared to their previous experiences. The effect of hypnosis on pain relief during labour and childbirth in Iranian pregnant women, Abbasi et all, Middlesex, UK – International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, April 2009

Birth Stories

Read local mother’s birth stories

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Missie and the birth of Miles

Birth Story #2

Kerstin and her second birth

Jaimey Vincent-Birth Story

Birth Story #3

Jaimey and her baby girl

Get your birth partner involved!

I cannot recommend Kimberley more highly! After attending the birth course she conducted my husband and I left feeling confident and prepared for the birth of our second child. She is so knowledgable and makes you feel totally at ease as she helps you navigate and prepare for birth. I also did her belly balance course too and I also feel this helped me mentally prepare. I had such an amazing birth experience with my second child thanks to her help and experience!

Ruth Nicholson

I can not recommend Kimberly enough! She was amazing through pregnancy, birth and beyond. I attended Belly Balance which was an experience I looked forward to weekly, taking the time to connect with myself while diving deep into our emotions and empowering us with her knowledge towards birth. Also attending a Hypnobirthing weekend where my husband and I walked away with excitement towards birth, feeling full of knowledge and techniques, allowing us to be calm no matter what situation arose throughout birth.

Taleigha Rose

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Dearest parent’s-to-be, I would love to connect with you and talk more about what programs or services I have to support you through your journey. Whether you have some general questions or would just like to speak with me to get to know me before your intimate day, please reach out so we can connect.