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Transformation from Within – Kimberly-Adelaide Bailey. Supporter of women and partners during pregnancy and motherhood. Mother of two, women’s health advocate, bookworm, herbal girl and plant lover.

Hey there, I´m Kimberly

I started Ignite Your Glow to help empower and educate women on the capabilities of their body in the process of getting ready for birth, and spark intimacy and connection for birth partners to get involved and active. Ignite Your Glow’s aim is to assist you in acknowledging and understanding the fear surrounding birth, so you can connect wholly and healthily with your baby and your partner.

Based in Mackay, Queensland, Ignite Your Glow is a champion of the Glowing Birth Movement online Facebook community and qualified in the practice of Hypnobirthing; supporting women and specialising in fear releasing in the Mackay and surrounding region for the last five years.

To ignite others is Kimberly’s soul work. When you work with her on your birth journey, you will feel her love and passion to serve humanity and allow you to unfold igniting the glow within yourself.

What does birth mean to me?

Birth is a sacred act and an essence of divinity. Birthing requires a quality of movement whereupon the mother, birth partner and birth support teamwork together harmoniously and with a softness to bring forth the gift of a new soul.

One of the strong foundational values to creating a glowing birth experience is to understand the importance of intimacy between your baby, yourself and birth partner. To know that you have access to power and authority in hospital and with your’ birth support team guiding them to align with your vision.

There is so much more to birth than just birthing a baby and if you feel this in your whole being than I applaud you for taking that small step forwards into a beautiful transformation from within.

“Birth isn’t just about birthing your baby, it’s about birthing the mother and birth partner into a whole new livingness.”

Birth should be a time where both parents are taking a journey together, becoming informed on the physical, emotional and soulful aspects of pregnancy, labor, birth and parenthood. Birth should be a joyous occasion where they both feel prepared, confident and connected and when walking into the hospital or birth environment of your choice. Whether that be a private, public hospital or birth centre parents should be listened to and honoured for the way they wish to birth, and treated with respect when it comes to making decisions around labour and the baby.

Our Bodies. Our Babies. Our Journey. Our Choice. ALWAYS.

Defend it.  Push for it.  Make noise about it.

Birth is not a medical experience, it’s a soulful journey! And this all starts with you leading the way.


With love

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