The Birthing Course

A down to earth, straightforward and easily learned course for mothers and their chosen birth partners. Each weekend course is made up of a mixture of theory with audio-visual explanations and interactive discussions with practical relaxation and breathing exercises, such as hands-on massage, deepening techniques and modern up to date birthing videos that are shown in class.

belly balance with Ignite your Glow

Belly Balance Program

A combination of birth preparation, long slow relaxation stretching and fear release meditations. A space of support and connection between women and an open forum to discuss all feelings that comes with pregnancy. This program will provide mother-to-be a space to settle into themselves and to feel the powerful wisdom within and to allow connection to the body to listen to the body’s communication.

birthing rehearsal with Ignite your Glow

Birth Rehearsal

An offering for birthing partners to have access to a practise run with Kimberly; guiding and supporting you both. This course provides the tools and time to to nurture each other with loving touch, soothing words of comfort and building confidence through practise. A great course offered to mums and dads to allow for a deeper connection and preparation for the birthing day.

birth bundle packages Ignite your glow

Pregnancy Massage

Take a stop moment with Kimberly* and immerse yourself in 60 or 90 minutes of absolute surrender. Her specialised technique of gentleness has offered many women the space to connect deeply and release trauma and muscle tension within the body. The specialised gentleness technique has helped many women reduce discomfort and in particular muscle tension, improving blood flow and lymphatic drainage.
Unlike pressured massages that we associate muscle relief with, this technique works with your nervous system enhancing your connection to your body to walk out in a way where you continue to take care and nurture yourself.

*Appointments to be pre-booked with Kimberly

birth bundle packages Ignite your glow

Birth Bundle Packages

Our bundles are specially designed to prepare and support you and your birth partner. Choose from our 3 packages:  The Balance Bundle is specifically designed for mum-to-be to meet weekly with other women for relaxation group work. The Transformation Bundle includes birth preparation for both parents to feel confident, excited and empowered. The Empowered Bundle is for couples who wish to ignite transformation from within and bundle all our services at a discount. All packages have been lovingly created to offer guidance, support and space for couples to connect together and with their baby.

pregnancy workshops Mackay

Workshops with IYG

Ignite Your Glow has partnered with some wonderful practitioners to provide extra support and care pre and post-pregnancy with a number of workshops to choose from.

With nurse Abbey, providing workshops covering First Aid for Babies and Toddlers to midwife and lactation consultation Simone, offering breastfeeding and the Possum’s Gentle Slumber Program.  We have a variety of workshops to guide you into pregnancy and parenthood to allow yourself to blossom into your own natural parenting rhythms with ease.

Let’s get your birth partner involved!

Welcome to parenthood; a journey that begins while in the womb. You are a mother or father right now as we speak, and it is one of the most transformational times in your life that you will experience.

There is a layer of equality encompassing a loving relationship, and each parent brings a unique quality to ignite a relationship. It makes sense during pregnancy and labour that this union continues to flow. You conceive a baby through love and intimacy, so shall you bring a baby into this world with this same essence.

Often as mothers, all we crave during pregnancy is connection and unity on this new and unknown journey, and the weekend workshop has often led to women feeling the alignment shift within their partner, and the birthing love bubble begins.

It’s also important to know this course caters for single mothers, same-sex couples and surrogate pregnancies. If this is your birthing journey please reach out to talk with us as we will tailor certain aspects to accommodate your experience and offer extra guidance for you if need be.

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