Belly Balance Program

6 weeks of gentle fear releasing

Belly Balance Program

A combination of birth preparation, long slow relaxation stretching and fear release meditations. A space of support and connection between women and an open forum for discussing all feelings that come with pregnancy.

The intention for this is to allow mother-to-be, to settle into themselves into a repose to feel the powerful wisdom within and to allow connection to the body to listen to the body’s communication. 

The purpose is to support the mother with a space to come back to herself and trust and believe in the beauty of her body and hormones and how harmonious our birthing body can be when we surrender.

This is perfect for:

A woman who is 12+ weeks in gestation.

  • A first-time mum juggling a first baby and career, possibly a high-stress job and becoming distracted from her pregnancy
  • A woman who has other children to look after and struggling to find time to connect to this pregnancy
  • A woman who is feeling high anxiety and lots of overwhelm leading up to birth,
  • A woman who wishes to unburden her fears and learn to let go so she can be clear and focused in the birth room.

Course Details

Upcoming Course Dates

5 August 2021


This is a six-block program running for 1.5 hours on a Thursday evening starting at 5:00pm at various times throughout the year.


Held at the beautiful wellness space at La Femme, Mackay. Everything provided just wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle to stay hydrated.



What you receive:

These weekly sessions offer a space to deepen with yourself and with other women experiencing the journey into motherhood. A safe place to feel understood, to surrender and let go with love and support around you.

  • Take home Belly Balance Booklet with weekly activities
  •  2 x Birth relaxation audio meditations for home practise
  • Access to the Glowing Birth Movement online Facebook group and resources.

Belly Balance is effective for:

  • Learning rituals and routines to help relax the mind and body during pregnancy
  • Increasing deep sleep after attending the classes
  • Reducing anxiety & can be an excellent stress relief
  • Reducing tension
  • Positive labour preparation
  • Lower risk of postpartum depression
  • Enhanced connection between mother and baby.

“There is a magnificent sense we have during pregnancy, we have turned our backs on our sacredness as women and pregnancy can be an offering to activate the glow within, birth is not painful, birth is absolutely powerful!” 

~ Kimberly Bailey

Ignite Your Glow Belly Balance Program
Ignite Your Glow Belly Balance Program
Ignite Your Glow Belly Balance Program
Ignite Your Glow Belly Balance Program
Ignite Your Glow Belly Balance Program

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