Birth Rehearsal

birth rehearsal- ignite your glow

Birth Rehearsal Session

An offering for birthing partners to have access to a practise run with Kimberly; guiding and supporting you both. Some time to nurture each other with loving touch, soothing words of comfort and building confidence through practise.

This session involves a private home visit with a round table discussion on what we have learnt, birth preferences, range of birthing positions and ending in a calm and relaxing birth rehearsal where Kimberly will guide your birth partner through the endorphin release massage.

This is perfect for:

Couples who have attended the 2-day Positive Birth Program course with me earlier on in pregnancy and would like to revise and run through before labour.

A beautiful way to bond with each other and feel that love and support.

What you get:

  • Home visit private appointment
  • Birth relaxation rehearsal
  • Guidance through birth preferences
  • Revised tools and techniques
  • Robozo and birth positioning.



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