The Birth Course

hypnobirthing-birthing course-ignite your glow

What  Is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a fancy word for saying deep self-connection for enhanced awareness. A down to earth, straightforward and easily learned course for mothers and their chosen birth partners.

The Birth Course

In class, you will learn how to create a birth plan of birth preferences, which will help you to communicate your birthing boundaries and preferences with your doctor or midwife. 

You are also provided with a handout, which has been specially designed for your caregivers; a summary of how they can assist you with your birthing experience.

Each weekend course is made up of a mixture of theory with audio-visual explanations and interactive discussions with practical relaxation and breathing exercises, such as hands-on massage, deepening techniques and modern up to date birthing videos that are shown in class. 

This course runs over two full days with me this interactive workshop will have you doing break out sessions, lots of birth talk, the use of acupressure and massage and your very own personalised birth rehearsal on day two.

The Birth Partners

The Birth Program is structured in a way that the birth partner is encouraged to attend. The partners love and support throughout the pregnancy and during birth, provide valuable reassurance and bonding in preparation for the birth of your baby and parenthood.

Having said this, sometimes there are reasons why the birthing mother needs to attend solo – and this is also completely fine. You never really are alone, because your birth partner can also be your baby, mother, sister or friend.

hypnobirthing-birthing course-ignite your glow

Course Details

Upcoming Course Dates

April 16th & 17th
May 21st & 22nd
June 24th & 25th
July 23rd & 24th


Friday and Saturday from 9am until late.


Lanai Riverside Boardroom
River Street, Mackay.



What you receive

Parents are provided with a printed folio and online resources that are suited to our Australian model of maternity care to assist you in your preparation for a calm and steady birth.

  • Take home Parent Folio for reading and practising
  • Online Voucher worth $200 to download your Mp3 Affirmations, 2x Birth scripts for deep relaxation and Tranquil Chambers birth music.
  • Practice Video – to prepare for a beautiful, calm and positive birth at home
  • Birth Preferences Template to personalise and take to your birth support team
  • Access to the Glowing Birth Movement online Facebook group and resources.

Hypnobirthing is effective for:

  • Reducing the average length of labour
  • Reducing or removing the need for medication including epidurals
  • Reducing the need for intervention including caesarean section dependant on the hospital
  • Reducing the rate of postnatal depression.

Who is this course for?

Mothers and their chosen birth partner from weeks 17+ who wish to learn more about birth and how to work with their birthing bodies rather than against it and how to support the mother with a hands-on approach.

Why Doctors & Midwives love Hypnobirthing

Mothers who have good support, tools to use during childbirth, are well informed, confident and prepared are less likely to experience complications during their birth. If special circumstances do arise, hypnobirthing parents are prepared for whatever turn their birthing takes and will remain calm throughout. More and more obstetricians and midwives throughout Australia are recommending hypnobirthing class to the mother-to-be.

Majority of our caregivers love hypnobirthing because it makes the whole birth easier for them too! Less pressure on the system as the birth partner generally steps up and takes care of everything for the mother and allows midwives to down hat they are designed to do, ensure everything is safe, which then gives them time to get involved towards the end when things start to really ramp up.

An obstetrician recently remarked that he loved supporting Hypnobirthing Australia mums and birth partners,
because it was less work for him (said with a smile

hypnobirthing-birthing course-ignite your glow

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