Welcome to parenthood

Welcome to Parenthood

Parenthood will be one of the most significant memories of your life. The part you play in this will determine your birth experience for everyone involved. Birth is about teamwork, You both conceived a baby together, now it’s time to unite and bring a baby into the world together.

Firstly, I need to clarify; midwives are not there to teach you how to birth a baby or to birth your baby for the mother. They are there to ensure that Mother and Baby are safe and to step in and support and guide the mother if things may start to get challenging. Being ‘present’ to witness the birth is a thing of the past and partners are encouraged to be an active participant in the room by supporting, protecting and advocating on behalf of the both of you for the birth preferences you both created prior to going into labour.

Secondly, just expecting to go with the flow can leave you in shock and possibly distressed. How are you meant to know what to do? You have most likely never been in a birth room before!

Thirdly, just answering yes to all the doctor’s commands can lead you down a path toward intervention and handing over all of your control, leaving you questioning afterwards, “What happened?” And possibly leaving mum feeling as though she had been stripped of her voice, helpless to her birth experience and feeling less empowered.

Birth does not always go to ‘plan’, and to be witness to your partner in distress or feeling unfamiliar with childbirth can put you in the backseat, leaving you feeling out of control, uneasy and often confused as to what your role in this is, to begin with.

Involve your partner

Let's get your partner involved!

You are a mother or father right now as we speak, and it is one of the most transformational times in your life you get to experience.

There is a layer of equality encompassing a loving relationship, both bring unique qualities to ignite a relationship, it makes sense during pregnancy and labour this union continues to flow. You conceive a baby through love and intimacy, so shall we bring a baby into this world with this same essence.

Often as mothers, all we crave during pregnancy is connection and unity on this new and unknown journey and the weekend workshop has often led to women feeling the alignment shift within their partner and the birthing love bubble begins.

It’s also important to know this course caters for single mothers, same-sex couples and surrogate pregnancies. If this is your birthing journey please reach out to talk with us as we will tailor certain aspects to accommodate your experience and offer extra guidance for you if need be.

What is your role?

It’s important to understand the future of your relationship will be evolving and deepening and leave you with much to process as you mentally and physically prepare for your baby’s arrival.

As a partner, your support and participation are needed more than ever, and you play a very vital role in creating a loving, calm and empowering experience for both you, the mother and your baby. As the birth partner, if you are feeling stressed or anxious then that energy is going to be transferred to the birthing mother – and that is the last thing she needs during labour.

Ignite Your Glow will guide you on how to best support the birthing mother and to familiarise yourself with childbirth so it doesn’t come as a shock. Rather it is a welcoming of a new cycle for you to be transition into and experience. The role is to protect the space and make sure nobody disturbs the bubble of calm, bringing the mother comfort, relief and support.

You will come away from the The Birth Course weekend workshop feeling more at ease with birth, have a better understanding of how to prepare, what to practice and how to contribute on the day. We will walk you through a toolkit of practical exercises such as endorphin release massage, acupressure during labour and how to soothe and make the mother comfortable. The power of your touch and the sound of your voice not only instantly calms the mother but also calms your baby.

As the birth partner, you will walk away with an easy reference ‘cheat sheet’ that you can use on the day to remind you what you have learned in classes. Our classes provide the birthing mother and yourself with enough knowledge, confidence and power to positively approach your birth. We focus on empowering you both so that you both can make informed choices for your birth and fell calm no matter how your baby is born.